Positivity Rewards Info

Welcome to Positivity Rewards

We are excited to introduce our revamped Positivity Rewards Program! Now you can earn better rewards when you shop with us!
With Positivity Rewards, you collect hearts that you can trade in for some great savings and rewards!

Ways you can earn!!!

There are plenty of ways you can earn hearts that will help you rise up the ranks a lot faster.

Ways to earn

Rewards you can unlock!!!

We have a small selection of rewards you can spend your hearts on. Ranging from dollar discounts to free shipping and even free products. We plan to continue to expand our rewards.

Unlockable rewards

Our VIP Levels and ranks!!!

We can’t have a rewards program without unlockable VIP ranks. As you progress and collect hearts you will move up on our ranking system unlocking some great bonus rewards for FREE!!!

Check out all the rewards you can unlock as you move up the ranks.

Level System

How to get started!!!

To get started, create an account (Earn 200 points at the same time) or login to an existing account!

To view our rewards program head to our rewards page located in your My Account Dashboard

Got a question or a problem then please submit a ticket via our Support Centre or send us an Email.